Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Few Live Re-Up Requests.

Got asked for a few re-up's of files a while ago, apologies for my tardiness in uploading, and for not posting anything for some time, but here they are now.

Think these links should work fine, if not, let me know.

Broadcast Live

Live - Sanctuary, Birmingham 2003

Live -Hi Fi 2010

Live- Old Daylight, June 2010

Live - Richards, Vancover, October 2003

Grandaddy - Windfall Varietal

Grandaddy Tour CD

And Finally - Mount Vernon's Astral Temple - Musick That Destroys Itself

Musick That Destroys Itself

I'll try and get more interesting music and ephemera when I get a mo'. Should have more free time on my hands over the Winter months.

Thanks for hanging in there!