Sunday, 16 March 2014

Alan Moore - Magic, Mysticism and, er, Comics

Been on a bit of an Alan Moore bender of late. Re-reading V for Vendetta, Watchmen and listening to several of his truly amazing spoken word performances. These take the shape of recordings made with musician(s) Tim Perkins, and sometime collaborator, David J of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets fame (whom were themselves, rather aptly, named after a comic) . The CD's  'The Highbury Working', 'The Moon and Serpent Grande Egyptian Theatre of Marvels', 'Angel Passage', 'The Birth Caul' and the most recent 'Unearthing' are all a wonderful intermingling of fact, fiction and psychogeographic revelation. You could argue that the term Hauntology could have been invented for these recordings, as they invoke a wonderful reimagining of the past, present and future, a filtered through an occult gauze of wonderment.

In my fervour to hear more of  Moore I stumbled across a veritable smorgasbord of clips and interviews on youtube, which I've spent the evening avidly devouring. A couple of the better clips/programmes are to be seen below.

Northampton Tales

A Great interview here...