Friday, 27 May 2011

Suuns - Zeroes EP

Found this a while ago whilst trawling the web and it's been on my Walkman ever since. The Canadian band Suuns released it as a 'freebie' online taster before the official album  Zeroes QC was released. The 6 track EP has a few songs mixed differently from the album proper, and better for it I'd say. If you can imagine Caribou fronted by Clinic and without the Boredoms fixation, your almost there sound wise. In fact, on first listen I would have put money on it being Clinic the singers voice and cadence is so similar to our Liverpool lovelies subdued tones.
Anyhoo, It's a fabulous mini album, full of electronic trill and great beats, have a listen, you won't be sorry.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thighpaulsandra - Live Dublin, May 2005

Found this lurking on my hard drive and thought I'd post it up for your musical edification.
I'm a big fan of Thipe's crazy avant-prog, and this is one of the few occasions he's ventured out live on his own.
I found a review of his debut gig at the Arts Cafe in London, maaaan,I wish I'd witnessed that night.
Those flamboyant costumes have me sold, that's for sure.
Thipe's been quiet for the last few years, though I hear tell rumblings over on Head Heritage  that there may be a new release shortly.
Here's some patchy information about the man himself. from Wiki and his official website 

And here's some 'Synth Porn' from his home studio, Mmmmmm.

Apologies for the scratchy pic from the Dublin gig, and a couple from the Arts Cafe even too.

Thipe, Live Dublin, May 2005

Arts Cafe 1

Arts Cafe 2

Thighpaulsandra, May 2005

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Coil - A Couple Of Outstanding Gigs.

I still greatly miss the esoteric outpourings of Balance, Christopherson, Thighpaulsandra and associates.
Since 1985 they have been my 'occult' eye, guiding me into hitherto unknown territories of music and magick or wild obsidian nightmares and obtuse teachings. I've met some great people along the way, and swapped and traded many a 'rare' disc or live show with wonderful and generous people from all walks of life, all sharing my obsession, living scattered lives across the globe.
There really has been nobody to step up and fill their boots, nobody gives me quite the thrill Coil gave me, whether it was a new recording, or the chance to catch them 'live'. There was always something very special about their approach. The efforts were often never less than astounding, they could like as not often be baffling and obtuse, often for it's own sake. Always keeping one step ahead of the pack, they seemed to take a perverse joy in wrong footing fans and critics alike, releasing almost unlistenable 'Power Electronics' after softly lulling us with beautific ambient Drones. Albums were wrapped up in their own occluded meanings forcing the listener to return time and again to unpick the coded ciphers and coda's of  the music or lyrics. They always kept you guessing, you could never be sure what they were up to. They saw no shame in being elitist, with some releases being either incredibly limited and therefore hard to come by, hence the 'swapsies', or unfeasibly expensive, often with artifacts or artworks done by band members themselves. As I said, I still miss them, and if you do to, here's a couple of great shows. The'Barbian - Play Festival is one I recorded myself, the other ended up as part of the 'Live' series, I think it was ''Live Four - Prague and Vienna' , but don't quote me on that.

Coil - Live  Palace Acropolis - Czech Republic Prague 27/10/2002

Coil - Live 'Only Connect - Play Festival/Game On/Only Connect Barbican 27/04/2002

Monday, 23 May 2011

Julian Cope - Royal Festival Hall - 21 01 2005

Found another great quality Cope gig from 2005. There were 2 sets, one a little shorter than the other, but both well worth your time for a listen. Unfortunately a couple of the longer tracks refuse to extract on the second disc. Never mind, it's all good!  I'll post what I've got for now and try and rectify that second set later.

Part one is Here
And part two is Here

Friday, 13 May 2011

Icelandic Museum of Witchcraft.

Here's a short film about the Icelandic Museum of Witchcraft. Some of the stuff on display and discussed is genuinely creepy, much scarier than the 'Western tradition' of witchery were familiar with in the UK.
Fav' bit is the 'Necropants'. Yes, they really are as grim as they sound.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Out and About in April.

Some of my fav' photo's from various recent rambles around the region.

These are from a walk near Alfrick  Pound, Worcestershire.

Stick Man

Treeline Textures

Old Oasthouse

Injured Captive Buzzard

Survivalists Hut

Live Like A Caveman

East Across The Vale Of Evesham 

The Clent Hills

St. Kenelm's Church, Clent

St. Kenelm's Church Detail

Ancient Graffitti

Funerary Urn

Helmeth Hill & Church Stretton

Dog Violet

English Bluebell

Wood Sorrell

English Bluebell Wood

Cardingmill Valley

Midland Hawthorn

Cutesy Lamb

Earl's Hill, Shropshire

View East from Earl's Hill Hillfort

Professor Yaffle like Simulcra  
Urban Adventures

Artist Tom Tebby puts fantastic posters up all around the city

More Tom Tebby

Flats near Custard Factory


Quaint 'Bizantine' style church

Fantastic Brickwork Detail

Groovy door handle

Underneath The Arches...

Pagan Place - Custard Factory


Custard Factory

Yoda, Oooohhh Yesss!

St. Martin's of Selfidges

A Step Up

Selfridges and Rotunda


Angles and Tangents

More Angles

I'm Just Hanging Around

The Twin Towers


John Dee Documentary with Coil Soundtrack & Thighpaulsandra.

As you've probably guessed, I'm a BIG fan of COIL. And as I'm Currently re-reading 'The Queens Conjuror: The Science and Magic of Dr Dee, a' fascinating account of the life Elizabethan mathematician, astrologer and 'occult skryer' John Dee.

I thought I'd post a link to this interesting documentary about his life and eventual fall from grace in the Elizabethan court, mainly due to a shady character called Edward Kelly. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the whole affair (Dee used Kelly for 'Skrying/channelling' spirits, allegedly angels) was the formation of a perfect 'working' language he named 'Enochian' the language of angels. Indeed, Coil released a wonderful album called The Angelic Conversation, featuring voice samples of Judi Dench alongside  a 'soundtrack' constructed to the Derek Jarman film of the same name.
There is a great overview of Dr Dee's life and achievements Here.

The 'film' was originally shown on Channel 4 in, i think, 2002, when Coil were still going strong, and indeed, were in the middle of a wonderful outpouring of creativity, mainly due to the addition of the never less than wonderful Thighpaulsandra as a member. Both Julian Cope and Spiritualized (whom I think Thipe' still plays with) have benefited from the idea's injection, energy and 'out-there-ness' of Thipe', an artist now sadly marginalised in his solo outpourings. I'd heartily recommend you pick up all his albums, though in particular , 'I Thighpaulsandra', ' Double Vulgar' & 'Double Vulgar II'  are exceptional. In 2006 the wonderful single track limited edition 'soundtrack' album The Lepore Extrusion is a true return to haunted kraut form.
Hear it Here.

I thighpaulsandra

Double Vulgar

Double Vulgar II

The Lepore Extrusion