Monday, 17 February 2014

David Sylvian - Live Japan 2004

Stunning performance from Sylvian and associated musicians. I've really enjoyed his more electronic outings of recent times (well 10 years or more) and parts of this gig highlight them fantastically. 
He gets some sweet sounds from that Nord Synthesizer. This concert reminds me of the more subdued outings by Coil, under their Timemachines guise.


The Good Son
The Only Daughter
The Heart Knows Better
She Is Not
Late Night Shopping
A Fire In The Forest
When Poets Dreamed Of Angels / Cries And Whispers
Blue Skinned Gods
Wasn't I Joe?
World Citizen
Jean The Birdman

Musicians And Technicians

David Sylvian
computer, keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals

Steve Jansen
computer, keyboards, electronic percussion, vocals

Masakatsu Takagi
visual images

Albums by David Sylvian I highly recommend...

Died In The Wool (Manafon Variations)
Plight And Premonition (with Holger Czukay)
Secrets Of The Beehive (more acoustic in nature)

Great compilation called Camphor covers most bases of his earlier career.

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