Monday, 2 May 2011

Do The Beltane Walk (and Fire)

Not had much time to post anything of late, kids and half term mean it's a battle for computer time, anyhoo,
had a gorgeous walk out in the depths of Worcester yesterday at a place called Clifton on Teme. A great start to the celtic summer celebration and fire festival Beltane we know and love as May Day. Thought I'd post some pics. Hell, we even had a Beltane Fire, sound tracked by the lush new Lumerians new long player 'Transmalinna'. A wonderful mix of psych and garage rock, with a 69' vibe of oppressive weirdness.
Check em' out here

Found this old car/van way up in the corner of a field in the middle of nowhere. With a hawthorne growing up through the engine compartment, May blossom in full bloom.

Dashboard with lichen

Remnants of the cabin.

No clues as to make or model. Hoped steering wheel might say.

Views towards Whitley Court

Back of a beautiful old ramshackle cottage with an old mile stone.

Love the roofline above the upper windows. Think it's a remnant of once being thatched.

Clifton on Teme church spire from across young wheat. A strange squat tower in the manner of Suffolk churches

Old AA sign on the village local

That squat tower from below

Beltane Fie
Strange sprite or apparition which appeared during the night

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