Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Out and About in April.

Some of my fav' photo's from various recent rambles around the region.

These are from a walk near Alfrick  Pound, Worcestershire.

Stick Man

Treeline Textures

Old Oasthouse

Injured Captive Buzzard

Survivalists Hut

Live Like A Caveman

East Across The Vale Of Evesham 

The Clent Hills

St. Kenelm's Church, Clent

St. Kenelm's Church Detail

Ancient Graffitti

Funerary Urn

Helmeth Hill & Church Stretton

Dog Violet

English Bluebell

Wood Sorrell

English Bluebell Wood

Cardingmill Valley

Midland Hawthorn

Cutesy Lamb

Earl's Hill, Shropshire

View East from Earl's Hill Hillfort

Professor Yaffle like Simulcra  
Urban Adventures

Artist Tom Tebby puts fantastic posters up all around the city

More Tom Tebby

Flats near Custard Factory


Quaint 'Bizantine' style church

Fantastic Brickwork Detail

Groovy door handle

Underneath The Arches...

Pagan Place - Custard Factory


Custard Factory

Yoda, Oooohhh Yesss!

St. Martin's of Selfidges

A Step Up

Selfridges and Rotunda


Angles and Tangents

More Angles

I'm Just Hanging Around

The Twin Towers


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