Friday, 8 July 2011

Triclops Live Levenshume Manchester

Great bit of live video of Manchester experimental noisters Triclops (not to be confused with US guitar wranglers Triclops!).
If your looking for comparisons in sound, think Coil, TG, Cyclobe etc.. great stuff.
From about 16 mins in there's a cover version of T.G.'s 'Persuasion'.

Triclops Live Burst Couch#30 - Part One from Gareth Bibby on Vimeo.


  1. I enjoyed that, wonder if they're Twin Peaks fans? I was very fond of the backwards-talking dwarf. I'd love to see a live set like this again, last time I saw something vaguely similar was The Black Dog about 5 years ago. Funny seeing people my age who hadn't moved on from the mid nineties, it was the same at Cylob's set too. Trouble I have is staying awake when the set is in the early hours. Do you manage to stay awake naturally when you go to see a live set?

  2. Hey, I remember The Black Dog, still got 'Temple of Transparent Balls' on vinyl somewhere, haven't played it in years truth be told. I was a major WARP fan way back when, Aphex and his numerous offshoots, Nightmare on Wax, LFO etc...
    TBH, most electronic music I've seen doesn't come over well live, watching a few people staring at a laptop screen twiddling knobs doesn't make the best night out no matter how many visuals they stick up behind them.

    Staying awake at the few and far between gigs I attend isn't a problem usually, I'm usually way too stoked to be actually doing something on an evening other than avoiding crap TV (but them again, I tend to imbibe more than is good for me, and get a bit hyper, which isn't hard as I don't drink that often). I'm not sure I've the patients to wait much past 11 'o'clock for a set to start anyhow, so I'm usually home by the early hours. I'm of an age to find it kinda embarrassing to have to hang about whilst the 'youngsters' get drunk and cop off. Mind you, most the gigs I get to are usually populated by 'chin strokers' and 'head nodders' anyhow, not a female in sight.

    Know what you mean about the same crowd not moving on. I was a punk as a kid, and I still see people around town who just seem trapped in that persona even though it all happened over 30 years ago. They don't seem to have been able to define themselves outside that teenage 'role'. It's kinda sad.

    There's been a spate of those band reforming to cash in and play a particular album gigs over the last few years (Primal Scream are the most recent I think with Screamadelica...not that they'd split, y' know what I mean ;) Great album in it's day, but really, 20 years on, I've moved on. I try and avoid gigs of that ilk like the plague, Inevitably it's full of men of a certain age, who shall we say seem to be reliving a poignant part of their youth.

    I'm Currently reading a book by Simon Reynolds called 'Retromania' which outlines admirably the 'looking backwards' state of current music and culture in general(how many remade movies in the last 5 years?).
    Is there gonna be anything 'new' he ponders, and I'm not sure I disagree with him, though I live in hope.
    A prime example of selling the old as new is the 'Hauntology' scene, Much as I like many of the bands associated with it, it is a navel staring exercise in re-imagining a past that never was. Inevitably it's main protagonists are persons of a certain class and age.
    (God! that makes me sound like a snob, I'm not honest!)
    Oh, happy Birthday by the way. I try my damnedest to forget mine year on year, but the pesky family always make such a bloody fuss so it's impossible. At least this year they actually bought me a record I'd asked for.

  3. I think what we need to realise is music will always be 'new' for the teens, no matter how re-hashed it is. My defining moments regarding music tastes came firstly when I was 12 and heard 808 state on top of the pops, I became their biggest fan and '808:90' will always be one of my favourite albums (no matter how crap anyone tells me it is). The next time was when I was 14 and saw Pop Will Eat Itself live, I listened to all their albums nonstop for a year. Next was buying a KMFDM album and then a few tests later 'bomb scare' by 2 bad mice. Hearing all this music felt so new, really exciting. More recently I felt like this listening to Nicolas Jaar's album for the fifth time, I finally got it and thought, "this Is different".
    I don't want to live in the past, and harp on about the glory days of music, and I never go to see some guy twiddling knobs now! I felt quite out of place last time amid the styled 'geeks' wearing rucksacks on the dancefloor.
    Warp are hit and miss these days for me, but still produce some good new stuff, not really into Battles music tho, despite rave reviews.
    I'd never think you're a snob, it doesn't fit with your tastes!