Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fresh Air 2011 - Sculpture Festival

Had a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Fresh Air Sculpture Festival (closes on Sunday 10th July if your nearby and interested!). Only curated every other year at the Old Rectory, and always worth a peak, even though much on show is waaaay out of my price league  There are some outstanding examples of modern scultupture by new and rising artists, all set in the quietly beautiful hamlet of Quenington, near Cirencester.
I feel I gotta say, this year wasn't as good a previous exhibitions, with a fair amount resembling rather glorified garden furniture, but on the whole, the good outweighed the bad 2/1. Here's some pics...

Islamic Geometry

Detail of 'external lamp'
Prismatic glass lens

Butterfly glass

Glass mobile

'Magic Roundabout' flowers

Charlamain's Palladin 1

Charlamain's Palladin II

Kinetic sculpture

Knitted bridge

Glass panel (large)

Chainsaw sculpture (detail)

Metal form

Water sculpture

Shards of time

Sycamore leaf kinetic

Glass bananas (detail)

Rectory old waterwheel

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