Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Sons Of T C Lethbridge - A Giant

First released in 2003, this is a great double disc CD with accompanying booklet is a homage to the great paranormal investigator T.C. Lethbridge. Disc one is a great Kraut/Psych informed rock out on the themes and titles explored in T.C Lethbridge's books, whilst the second CD is a spoken word biography of Lethbridge by another great paranormal researcher Colin Wilson. Wilson highlights the breakthroughs and most prominent research of Lethbridge's later years, with some fascinating insights and asides, all delivered with a warm, friendly tone that anyone who has heard him speak on radio or TV (sadly, less so now) will recognise at once.

T.C. Lethbridge, explorer, archaeologist and paranormal researcher
Lethbridge started his career as an archaeologist, eventually becoming keeper of Anglo Saxon Antiquities at Cambridge Museum, remaining there until 1957 when he bored with what he called "The academic trade unionism" of his profession. Moving to 'Hole House' in  Branscombe, Devon in 1961 kick-started what many consider his more interesting passion 'parapsychology. From 1961-71 (the year of his death) he produced no less than 16 books on the subject, ranging from witches, ghosts and ghouls and several on dowsing with pendulum's.

The Son's of T.C Lethbridge first live appearance was at Julian Cope's 'Rome Wasn't Burnt In A Day' event at Hammersmith Lyric which ran from October 30th - November 1st 2003.
Featuring members of Spiritualized, Dogntank and Julian Cope Group it is I feel an unsung classic of out-there-ness, all sweetly packages in a dayglo cover.
Listen  Here  And Here

I've had 'A Giant' for some years now and it always seems to get dragged out as Autumn draws near. There's a melancholy to those Kraut inspired wig outs that seem to fit the season admirably.

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