Sunday, 28 August 2011

RIP Conrad Schnitzler 1937 - 2011

Just found out about the death of seminal German composer Conrad Schnitzler on August 4th from pancreatic cancer. Very sad about it, RIP Con. 74 is a good age, but stomach cancer is a horrible way to go.

Schnitzler Live 1971

Schnitzler in costume on the streets of Linz, Austria, 1979

Probably best known for his early work with Tangerine Dream and Kluster, he went on to release nearly 100 solo albums in his lifetime, a prolific outpouring by anyone's standards. A pioneering architect in electronic music, ambient, kosmische  and new age.

Also Con’s role as founder of the Zodiak Free Arts Lab shouldn't be overlooked, the club went on to host bands such as Kluster, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schultze and Agitation Free. He played an absolutely pivitol role in the birth of the Berlin krautrock scene, and without his presence, it wouldn’t have coalesced the way it did.

It's always a funny thing to be touched by someone you've never actually met, but whose creative presence has been a part of some of the best parts of your life. I hope his end was peaceful and painless.

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