Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Concert Climax - Saint Julian Cope Live in Hearing of The Motherfucker

Don't know much about this alleged 'rare Italian' 2006 release from Julian Cope. Part of it is live, part studio recordings. Contains an OK cover of 13th Floor Elevators - 'Easter Everywhere' and a few hard to find tracks. to me it seems a bit of a  cobbled together affair, but it has it's moments. Not his most outstanding release that's for sure, but for those Cope completists, I guess it's one to track down.

Cope fan site Trampoline has this to say about the release...

"Described by Head Heritage as: "This limited edition Italian-only release purports to be recorded live at 2005's Urbino Festival, though in truth it also includes unreleased studio sessions and four brand new songs including the 11-minute epic 'How the West Was Lost' and the Skynyrd-inspired heavy ballad 'Lost Generation'."


If this is your bag, have a listen Here.


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    I'm already looking for another job with more family friendly hours tbh. Other than that, fine :) Not had a chance to visit your site in a while....will try and rectify that in the near future...I miss your macro take on our big wide world. Had a nice walk today in the Autumn sun with my friend Tom today, not seen each other in months and caught up on all the gos and gave him a few CDr's to take home. Had to curtail it early though cos' got a call out....still, very nice while it lasted.
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