Thursday, 23 February 2012

Luke Haines - Outsider Music 51

Apologies, been a while since my last post, busy at work, and the taking down of Megaupload means most of my content has been flushed down the pan, and I kinda lost heart re: re-posting stuff.

Anyhow, I'm off work with a stinking cold, and actually have some 'free' time, so, what he heck....

Been a big fan of all things 'Luke Haines' since I first discovered the band Auteurs in the early 90's. His insiteful and acerbic/acidic take on British life has been a stalwart of his lyrical output for most of his recording career, all laced with a dark humour and whit not always accorded to him.
This continued through his next incarnation with 'Black Box Recorder' and Baader Meinhoff and onto his more recent solo stuff.

Came across this clip whilst perusing You Tube and it's a corker.

Apparently 'Outsider Music' 51 is the final installment in the series of 50 bespoke CDr's, a live performance of the best songs contained on the limited edition recordings. Each copy of 'Outsider Music'  was a true one off, with Haines re-recording each album to give each buyer a unique recorded artifact (apparently one of the discs has him answering the door to the postman)

A brief review of one of these impossible to find (and expensive...£75 each...phew, bit outside my pocket) releases is Here.

Here's a few clips of Mr Haines past  (and present) glories...



Hopefully back to posting more regularly in the not too distant future, for now, I'm off for a nap.

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