Sunday, 16 December 2012

Go One Way, Return Another plus Soundtrack

The above is something I always strive for in a hike. Generally with driving to a place the walk is inevitably circular,  but if you can scout out an interesting looking route you don't have to cover too much similar ground.

Here's a  few pictures from  a recent walk at the Southern end of the Malvern Hills, a favourite place called Holybush.  There are indeed a number of Holly trees in the vicinity, but it's the ancient Oak nearby that most traveler's seek out, along with the steep ascents of Ragged Stone Hill and the quaint  hamlet of White Leaved Oak. This is the Southern end of the Malvern's that most tourists steer clear of, most preferring the ancient  hillfort of British Camp / Herefordshire Becon and Malvern itself, along with the Worcestershire Beacon.

There is another hillfort near to Hollybush called evocatively Midsummer Hill, which has some great vistas, and leads down to the old stone quarry of the Gullet.

Inspired by the earlier Utley post/soundtrack to a walk, I was going to create a musical journey for the walk myself, but on the day, my Walkman came up trumps and did it for me.

Here's the SOUNDTRACK my Walkman threw up on this beautiful day.
Tracklist go something like this..

1.Nina Hagen - Born In Xixax
2.GR - Lowborn
3. Die Krupps - Wahre Arbeit, Wahrar Lohn
4. Fujiya Miyagi - Rot
5. BEAK> - Yatton
6. The KVB - Dreams
7.WIN WIN - Salt Days
8. Eat Lights, Become Lights - Carousel
9. The Orb (Feat Lee Scratch Perry) - Congo
10. Rites Wild - Detatched Living
11.Steve Hauschildt - Sequitur
12. Swans - In My Garden
13. Sensations Fix - Cosmic Suadade

Ragged Stone Hill

Old Route Down to White Leaved Oak

Young Birch, Beech and Hazel  plantation

View from Chase End Hill Looking South

Chase End Looking North To Ragged Stone Hill

Beech 'Hedgehogs' atop Pendock's Grove

The ancient Oak 'Wishing Tree'.

Straw Dreamcatcher


Some of the charm strewn branches

Wish You Were Here

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