Thursday, 13 December 2012

Jimmy's End

A short web film by Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins.

Bit of a slow start for a 'taster' but shows promise. Heard an interview on a film show on Radio 4 last week and plot sounded intriguing. Alan says the entire show, film and T.V.series, set in his beloved Northampton is already fully realised right down to the last sentence of the last scene. A brave claim and no mistake.
Part Psychoville, part Blue Velvet, part League Of Gentlemen, It takes place in the twighlight hinterland of a down at heel gentleman's night club cum burlesque joint, with the usual array of strange characters and twisted metaphysical subplots you'd expect if your familiar with Moore's writing.

The blurb goes something like this...

"We’ve all been there: in the lapses after midnight, stumbling down unfamiliar gutters after one too many for the road and looking for inviting lights before they call last orders. James is trying to lose himself, but in a fractured men’s room mirror finds the eyes that have been waiting for him.
Following from the unnerving prelude Act of Faith, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins unveil a phantasmagoric English dreamtime made of goosefleshed pin-up girls, burned out comedians and faulty lights, with judgement just behind the tinsel
Jimmy’s End pulls back the purple drapes upon an intricate new planet of desire and mystery. We’ve all been there. Or it's where we're going."

Jimmy's End

Acts of Faith - Prelude.

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