Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Walk In The Snow

Thought I'd brave the current arctic conditions for a mooch from Lickey to Waseley Hills.
I can't resist the lure of snow, even if the driving to get here was frankly treacherous.
I love the stark architectural quality that snow gives trees, drawing the eye to lines that are not always apparent when it's not lying amongst the branches.
Also, it was an excuse to try out my new toy, a Canon EOS 350D I picked up cheap.
Never had a 'proper' camera before, and  didn't want to spend a fortune in case I didn't get on with it.
It has to be said,  really enjoyed fiddling about with it, even if fingers were numb most of the time, and I kept forgetting to turn the camera off. 
Here's a few 'first efforts', hopefully, as I get to know the camera better my pictures will improve a little.

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