Thursday, 24 January 2013

Look out for The Repriselizer

Matthew Holness (writer/star of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace) is making a spoof film/documentary about the (fake) fiction writer Terry Finch. Finch is apparently a largely forgotten 70'S pulp fiction author whose books  feature a character who calls himself  'The Reprizalizer' (aka Bob Shuter). The books allegedly share the same no nonsense ultra-violence as 70's stalwarts The Sweeney, Dirty Harry and Taxi Driver.

He's set up a beautiful crafted 'tribute' web site to Terry Finch giving a brief outline of the writer and his anti hero creation. Find it  here...

The website's attention to detail for those crappy pulp books is wonderful. Faintly yellowing pages and that inimitable 1970's typeface which turned up in loads of Scholastic style books, I can almost smell those musty pages! If your of a certain age, I'm sure your more than familiar with the cheap look, of used by 'The Pan Book Of Horror'. If you've seen 'Darkplace' you'll immediately recognise the Holness writing style in the 'Buck Up' introduction to Repriselizer. Faintly pompous and self aggrandizing, the character is not unlike the main character in Darkplace, Dr Rick Dagless M.D. but , erm, with a moustache.

 A short film financed by Warp films back in 2011 called 'A Gun For George', hopefully a taster for the up and coming film 'proper'. You can watch it here...

 Nice piece on the up and coming movie on Film Four blog here...

And if you've not had the daft pleasure of watching Darkplace,  Here's my favourite episode, 'Scotch Mist'.

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