Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hula - Threshold

Ploughing through my old vinyl, I found quite a stash of industrial funk, sparking my fixation of the minute, so I thought I'd follow up with another Hula post, as they are my favourite of that particular genre.
'Threshold' is a career spanning compilation/collection put out by Red Rhino back in 1988, a few years before the 90's market crash when the Red Rhino/Cartel interdependent distribution network finally folded due to financial pressures, taking many a cherished bands output with it.
I'm not sure if the track 'Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass' is some kind of 'industrial' homage or just an adjunct to Dr. John's voodoo funk of 'Walk On Gilded Splinters', but I like to think so.
By today's standards, 'Threshold' is a brief career overview, but it contains some of their choicest cuts if your looking for a short slice though their recorded output. This is a vinyl rip, as the album is currently unavailable in CD format so please excuse the odd crackle, pop, jump or rumble of surface noise. Cherry Red do have a 'Best Of' on CD, but even this seems to be currently unavailable.
Get the Habit

There were a slew of bands in the early to mid 80's following a similar sonic template, Chakk, 23 Skidoo, 400 Blows and the later output of Clock DVA to name but a few. Gang of Four exiles Shriekback followed a similar vein, albeit with a more obvious pop sensibility. Shriekback had a few minor hits too with 'Hand On My Heart' charting nationally just outside the top 40 at number 52 and 'Fish Below The Ice' at around 88.
All bands dabbled in elements of found sound and rhythm, with claustrophobic and paranoid lyrics/subject matter, though Shriekback, having more of a pop sensibility toned this down somewhat.


  1. Hi, can you please re-up the album? Thanks :)

  2. Hi, can you please re-up the album? Thanks :)