Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Palindromic Loops

Reading the sleeve notes for 'Musick That Destroys Itself' I noticed the mention of a performance in 'palindromic tyme', at 20.02 20 02 2002 at Greenwich Meridian next to the Thames.
This brought to mind another palindromic performance by one of my favourite bands, the Boredoms. Comprising 77 drummers, this 'celebration' of space and time took place in Brooklyn NYC on 07 07 07 and allegedly lasted 77minutes and 77seconds.
I'd like to take the time to also recommend the albums 'Vision Creation New Sun' and it's predecessor 'Super Are', both freely available to buy, so unfortunately, I won't be posting them here. VCNS, is without a doubt, one of THE most uplifting records I own. The nine tracks eschew tradition names and numbers, instead using symbols or sigils to give them an identity. The idea is to listen to the album in one sitting, but each track builds upon the last, with more layering of sound and rhythm till the final 'release' at the end. Building from strange scratches and loops, the sound quickly develops into multiple layers of rhythm and sound, each of which, if you so wish, can be focused upon independently, or as a whole. If you enjoy walking, this is a perfect soundtrack to your journey, as the tempo is perfectly matched to a quick amble through your favourite thoroughfare. In 'Super Are', we see the genesis of VCNS, with the rhythm and sound technique used on a few of the albums tracks, others, sound a little like the Butthole Surfers, it has to be said, but this is a nod to the dadaist roots of early albums like 'Chocolate Synthesizer'.
Here's a short selection from Boadrum 777 here on You Tube.
There is also a recording of the event Here.

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