Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mount Vernon's Astral Temple - Musick That Destroys Itself (Untitled Bonus Disc)

This post is linked to the earlier Megalithomania posting.

All this recent talk pertaining to Hula of 'industry and paranoia' made me think of Drew Mulholland's appearance at Megalithomania, and I remembered the 'untitled' free CD that came with initial copies of 'Musick That Destroys Itself'. An intensely 'paranoid' meditation of drones, alarms and resonance that (I think) he performed at the event. Superb scatter-shot images of wartime bunkers and abandoned military installations overlayed Mr Mulholland as he performed, adding a real sense of foreboding and claustrophobia to the precedings, which finished with him giving away an 'artifact', a piece of the original 'Wicker Man' salvaged from the final scene of the movie, brought back from a pilgrimage he made to the site shortly before the event. An actual piece of 'Psychogeography' if you will.
Sadly, I wasn't lucky enough to receive said 'artifact', but I've always wondered who has it and what they did with it. The two tracks from this bonus CD are entitled1: We Build A Golem For London2: The Black Noise.

Mr Mulholland performed with VCS3, Theremin and assorted tape loops.
You can enjoy this transmission Here.

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