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Acid Fuzz Excesssss - Christine 23 Onna - Acid Eater

One of Yamazaki Maso's Fantastic 'Machines'

Back in the early 2000's, there was quite a buzz over on the Julian Cope website Head Heritage.
The Arch Drude was busy turning anyone who would listen onto the delights of the new Japanese Psychedelic Underground. Bands we'd never heard of such as Acid Mothers Temple, Les Railles Denudes, Speed Glue and Shinky, Boredoms and Far East Family Band started peppering the reviews section. The 'Unsung' forum, where many of us music freaks hung out was awash with the names of these new and undiscovered sonic adventurers, and many of the 'heads' who posted picked up the thread and started their own voyage of discovery too. A great little network of CDr sharing sprung up among regular posters to swap these rare, expensive and often severely limited slabs of plastic. For me, many of these bands had their moments but two really stuck out, Boredoms and Christine 23 Onna.

'Christine 23 Onna' particularly caught my attention, as they seemed to recreate the authentic fuzz and space noises of many the 60's U.S. garage and psychedelic bands I loved, whilst adding an extra weird 'acid lounge' twist to the mix. The band consisting of just two members Yamazaki Maso (keyboards) and Toda Fusao (Guitar) a husband and wife combo who referred to themselves as a ' Space Mondo Psychedelic Group'. Most of the music is instrumental, with the occasional vocal interlude. I'd recommend listening in one go, as the album seems to be more of an 'immersive' experience that way, but be forewarned, it's no easy listening chillfest.
Other than the records, I couldn't really glean much information about the band other than they had those 60's looks to match the sound.

Toda Fusao and Yamazaki Maso

The one thing about these Japanese bands I love is that they seem to go that little bit further in being 'authentic'. They take a great deal of pride in using the right equipment and looking the right way to create whatever fantastical world they'd like to live in. Sadly this amazing chunk of space psychedelia appears to be out of print, so if you think 'Acid Eater' might be your thang, take a Trip.

Christine '23' Onna - Acid Eater (2002)

I now know that Yamazaki had a whole other career creating crazy 'space soundscapes' performing under the name 'Massona'.


Acid Eater
On April 21st 2005, 'Christine 23 Onna' became 'Acid Eater' after adding two further members Miyaka Kinsaki (Organ) and Akiba (Drums). There latest album 'Black Fuzz On Wheels' ups the 'Garage Punk' ante massively, sounding more like 'Guitar Wolf' or 'Teengenerate', with sadly, less 'spaceyness', but, despite this.
S'all Good though, s'all gooood.

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