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Kosmische One - Home Made Compilation

Thought I'd post a compilation of new and new-ish music I've had as a playlist on my Walkman for a while.
It's a daydreamers, er, dream, as much of the content is a little ethereal, though some does develop into nice phrases, phases, micro beats and patterns.
There's some pretty cool stuff, even if I say so myself, and at around 67 minutes, it doesn't go on forever.
Kosmische doesn't really cover the full breadth of music here, some would qualify as good old fashioned ambient house, while other stuff is a bit free form and improv' in nature, and there's even a little drone here and there.  Many tracks are what you might call 'builders', they take a while to develop, but they do get there in the end, honest!

Have a listen if your Tempted. Or HERE is the same mix as a smaller file. Not much shorter than the  individual tracks, just cuts out the quieter end bits. s'up to you dear reader.

Track listing is as follows:-

1.Stellar Om Source - 'How Many Voyages' (2.11).
   Taken from the limited 2009 Black Dirt LP 'Rise In Planes'.

This is one that you could definitely class as 'Kosmiche'. It's quite a short track for Stellar Om Source, usually they are great 20 minute drifting synthscapes with a similar feel to Tangerine Dreams 'Phaedra' or any number of Tim Blake releases. 
She's quite a prolific little hermit too, releasing a number of 'self released' CDr's in the last few years, most strictly limited in number.
If you feel like checking out her goods, the website is Here.
And here is a short clip of Stellar in action.

2. Jonas Reinhardt - 'Eos, The Dawn' (5.32).
    Taken from the Not Not Fun 2011 release - 'Music For The Tactile Dome' .

I don't know a whole lot about Jonas Reinhardt other than the above record is lush, and is a real 'headphone music' treat. Recorded in Berlin and mixed San Fransisco, you could say the sound is representative of both cities musical heritage.
'Eon...' is a lovely builder of a track, though if I'm honest, it's not totally representative of  much off  '...Tactile Dome',  which is mostly beat driven, it's one of my faves from the release'

This live clip is probably more representative if his sound.

3. Subway - 'Xam' (7.43).
    Taken from the 2009 Soul Jazz records album 'Subway II'.

 Dusty Groove America said this about this wonderful album, and I can't disagree.
 "Cosmic synth grooves from the duo of Michael Kirkman and Alan James, aka Subway – home recorded electronic soundscapes working in hypnotic from of the 70s Krautrock innovators, and the more effervescent sounds of avant garde dance music of 80s Detroit and the European scene in almost equal measure! The vibes are bit too spacey for the dancefloor, though, it's more about a hypnotic, meditative groove – and it works well! Titles include "Persuation", "Lowlife", "Simplex", "Harmonia","Delta II", "Monochrome", "Horizons", "Jupiter" and "Xam".

4. Cologne Tape - 'Render 4' (9.36).
    Taken from the 2010 Magazine label 5 track EP - 'Render'. 

This is a real builder of a track. It starts with a beautiful ringing arpeggio before building into a 'Kraut - Tronic' stormer, takes a while to get there, but it's worth the trip.
Here's a short but to the point clip of the wonderful 'Cologne Tape' live. Hope they come to the UK on the strength of this.

5. Music For Headphones - 'Wait' (6.35).
    Taken from 2010 Bandcamp free EP 'Only Angry Lies'.

Again, I don't know a whole bunch about Music For Headphones, they appear to be a 'web only' band. Their Bandcamp page is Here. You can download the above EP for free, and the album 'Life In Mono' for what you want to pay. Trust me, they are both superb.
Musicwise, they remind me of the UK band 'Appliance', though some of the tracks from 'Life In Mono' do resemble 'Wooden Shjips' to some degree (see video for the wonderful  'Drive Motorik'  below for an example).

 6. Follakzoid - 'IV, III, II, I' (9.54).
    Taken from 2011 2 track EP on Sacred Bones 'Föllakzoid'

These precociously young whipper snappers from Chile apparently started off playing noise/ punk before morphing into the realms of Kosmiche/Krautrock/E-Music and Improv'. Their MySpace is Here.

The track 'IV,III.II.I' is a pure Neu! motorik rip off, but for me, thats a GOOD thing. 
This one morphs from Neu!, through Can's 'Mother Sky' via Loops 'Collision'.

Here's another side to them. heavy psych on You Tube

7. Suuns - 'Arena' [EP Version] (5.25).
    Taken from the free download 6 track EP 'Zeroes EP' 2011

On first hearing Suuns, I thought it was Liverpool band Clinic. But there's much more to them than that. One minute Clinic, the Next 'Holy Fuck', the next.... who knows? I love em', and you can pick up the above EP free from the Suuns label Secretly Canadian Here
You'll see what I mean about those Clinic Comparisons below.

8. Peking Lights - 'All The Sun That Shines' (6.54).
    Taken from the 2011 Not Not Fun album '936'.

There's not much I could add that Dustedmagazine haven't said already about the wonderful album '936'.

So here's a lovely 'live' performance.

9. Datashock - 'Die Pyramiden Von Gießen' (5.18)
    Taken from the 2011 Dekorder album 'Pyramiden Von Gießen'

 Datashock at first glance appear to be one of those 9 piece 'inprov' bands it's usually prudent to steer clear of like Sunburned Hand Of Man or Jackie 'O' Motherfucker. Y'know the kind, the ones that get up on stage with tinkling bells and no idea what they're going to do, and do lot's of it, ad nauseum, for a very long time. Well let me confound your expectations with Datashock, who are an improv' band from Germany, which means unlike our American chin strokers, and like all our other Krautrock lovelies from yesteryear, they DO have a purpose, and DO go somewhere, though often it takes a little time. But hey, were always told the joy IS in the journey right!, and with these babies it is, and some. As ever with this type of ensemble, they are prolific. Releasing numerous self published tapes and records, usually limited, and seem to be having a blast doing it. Click Here to find out more.

Promo Video for album below.

 10. Roj & Wolfram Wire - 'The Salt Path' [Fursaxa Remix] (4.02)
       Taken from free Ghostbox mail-list download 2010.

Roj Stevens was a member of Broadcast MKI back in the day, but left after 'The Noise Made By People' never to be replaced. Since then I'm informed he's become a lecturer in 'Electronic Music' at Nottingham Uni (How cool is That!). Anyhow, his debut release from Ghostbox records called 'The Transactional Dhama Of Roj' was released a year or two ago to not much acclaim. I like it a lot, though I do have to be in the right mood to dabble. This track (and a few others) are freebies if you sign up to the  Ghostbox mailing list.
I must admit, I cheated with this one, I added a bit of the Fursaxa track 'Tragedy' from her 'Lepidoptera' album, just to pad out the sound. Great German vocal from Wolfram Wire though. It has a very evocative 'reedy' recorder sound which I feel belongs in a scary 1970's kids programme, probably something to do with an empty house and dusty corridors. Anyhow, bugger you, I LIKE IT. Plus, Ghostbox have the most amazing covers and best 'brand' identity for a record label I've seen in a while.

Here's a track from Roj's debut.

 11. FNS - 'I Think She's Asleep' (5.03).
      Taken from 2010 self titled Miasmah records album. 

I'm not too sure who or what FNS are, but I do love the ethereal guitar sounds and general droned out but slightly malign bliss of the record. It does kinda remind me of the awesome Acid Mother's Temple song 'Bon Voyage Au LSD', but never mind about all that, it's great in it's own right. You can read more about the band and this release Here.

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