Friday, 24 June 2011

Kosmische Two - Beneath The Frozen Lake Of Stars (Mix)

The last compilation seemed to go down well, so I thought I'd put another one together for your delectation.This one is definitely more 'Emusic/ Kosmische' in flavour, less beats, more drift, tone loops and arpeggio's.
Hell I even cobbled a quick cover for it too using Gimp.

Kosmische Two Cover
This is a mixtape rather than individual tracks, I could compile them into a couple of large files if there is a request/demand for it, but some of the un-mixed tracks are nearly 20 minutes long, so file size may be prohibitive factor in my bandwidth usage.
Leave a comment if you'd prefer individual tracks as a compilation and I'll see what I can do. If not, hope you enjoy it!

Tracklisting is as follows...

1. Intro  - Capt. Locheed. (0.55) Taken From the Robert Calvert LP 'Capt. Locheed & The Starfighters'
2. Void & Devotion - Barn Owl. (2.15)  Taken from 2011 LP on Thrill Jockey 'Shadowland'
3. Mind Bokeh - Bibio. (1.21) Taken from 2011 Warp LP 'Mind Bokeh'
4. So Ney - Cluster. (2.58)  Taken from 2010 LP 'Qua'
5. Raaaaaaa! - Bear Bones Lay Low. (1.50)  Taken From The 2009 KraaaK LP 'Valee De Dith'
6. Friends Of Friends - Fur. (2.13)  Taken from the 2010 Fur with Alan Palomo LP 'Witches'
7. Germany - White Rainbow. (3.56) Taken from the 2005 LP 'Zome'
8. NGC 891 - Edgar Froese. (5.41)  Taken from 1974 LP 'Aqua'
9. Erosion Of Time - The Advisory Circle. (3.13)  Taken from 2008 Ghostbox LP 'Other Channels'
10. Sledgehammer - Weird Ribs (2.39)  Taken from free web release 2009, more info 'Here'.
11. Stereolab - Blue Milk [edit] (5.13) Taken from 1999 Duophonic LP '...Cobra and Phases...'
12. Lord Emenenance - Jonas Reinhardt. (3.28) Taken from the 2011 LP 'Music From The Tactile Dome'
13. They Sounded - Ausgang. (2.29) Taken from  the 1999 Compilation LP 'Electric Arc'
14. Summon The Sound - S.C.U.M. (3.08) Taken from 2011 'record day' Mute Compilation 'Vorwarts'.
15. Heart Chakra (mix) - Timothy Leary. (3.44)  Available on the 1966 OST  'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out'.
16. Planet Unknown - Christine 23 Onna. (3.04)  Taken from 2002 LP 'Acid Eater'
17. White Summer Of Love - Acid Mothers Temple. (1.55) Taken from LP 'Pataphysical Freakout Mu'
18. Haram Dei Raram Dei - Popol Vuh. (1.12) Taken from 1974 LP 'Letzte Tag, Letzte Nachte'.
19. Melodica - Mountain. (3.16) Taken from 2009 Thrill Jockey LP 'Choral'
20. Outro - Genesis P Orridge. (0.10) Taken from the 1968 LP 'Early Worm'

Total Time 55.50 Listen Here.

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