Saturday, 27 August 2011

Downtime in the Malvern's

Don't get much time off in my current career, so when I do, I gotta grab it with both hands (hence a dearth of blog posts, sorry). Last weekend I needed a countryside fix, so headed out to the Chase End area of Malvern in Worcestershire/ Herefordshire.
If your not familiar with the Malvern Hills, Chase End is the Southern most tip of the escarpment, the place furthest from the 'honey pot' of British Camp and Worcester Beacon, and is a beautiful quiet backwoods of a place. On an otherwise busy Saturday on the major hills, I pretty much had Hollybush Hill and environs to myself. I Even managed to find the fabled ancient oak tree mentioned here and on the Woodland Trust 'Ancient Tree Register' having passed nearby on several previous occasions unaware of it's presence.
It's girth of 7.7 meters could indicate it's nearly 800 years old, which is astounding.

The oak seems be a place of attraction for those of a 'new age' nature, but it's a pleasant and peaceful place nontheless, so I can understand the attraction. The best bit is it's completely hollow, so if your brave enough, you can climb down into the heart of the tree and sign the visitors book. I spent an hour or so just hanging and taking photo's

Had a great (if tiring) tramp about, and found some of the sweetest blackberry's I've ever tasted down a wonderful country lane with 'proper' wildflower hedges.

Anyhow, if your interested, here's a few photo's of the day.

Atop Holly Bush Hill Looking SW

Gate House on the Bromsberrow Estate

If I did The Lottery, This Is The House I'd Like (If I Won Of Course)

A Well Stocked Hedgerow (with yummy blackberry's)

Ancient Oak, near White Leaved Oak

Ancient Oak

Some of the 'offerings'


View from tree to Eastnor Park Obelisk

Inside The Oak

Where's Puck?

View to the West

Elephant Skin

View up the outside

more tinkets

Home time

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