Sunday, 28 August 2011

Song of The Day - 'The Orch - Kenny The Snake'

Found this on the end of an old compilation and have been spinning it since I woke up several hours ago (don't you hate working weird hours, no such thing as a lie in).

Great piece of observational poetry over sparse beats and acoustics

On certain 'scene', everyone knows a 'Kenny', we certainly knew our fair share.

The Orch are Mick Conroy, Phil Hayes and Damian Ashcroft, and they began performing and recording together in the early nineties, releasing some tracks on a Factory Records compilation before calling it a day.

Following their split, Conroy released two fine albums and recorded a Peel session with Superqueens before The Orch re-formed, to the great delight of several Dandelion DJs, and released the Small Times album on the Skinny Dog label in 2010.

Characterised by pulsing electronica overlaid by Conroy's gritty East Lancastrian spoken word lyrics, The Orch appeared in session for Andy Morrison at the end of 2010. 'Kenny & The Snake', which appears here, finally gave The Orch their first festive fifty entry that year.

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