Sunday, 25 November 2012

Adrian Utley - Sonic Journeys at Croft Castle

Many walks I do are often sound-tracked by some great tunes which I often think of compiling into a mix CD or compilations.

Following a similar train of thought, The National Trust have commissioned Adrian Utley (Portishead) to make a Sonic Journey to accompany a walk around the NT property/estate of Croft Castle/Croft Ambrey (which is the Iron age hillfort above the grounds).
I've visited the place many times over the years, and it's a outstandingly beautiful area, with the estate and environs seemingly blessed with more than it's fair share of old or ancient tree's.

Utleys sketch of the walk
You can find a freely available download of the composition Here.

Here are a few of my own photo's of the estate and surroundings taken in 2009.

Art Instillation in Stables

Old Scot's Pine

Croft Castle

Castle from walled garden

Estate Church

Art Instillation - red wrapped tree

Sunset over the grounds

Trees from the avenue

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