Thursday, 15 November 2012

Oneida - A List Of Burning Mountains, Accompanying Videos

Oneida (pronounced One-Eye-Da) have just released their 12th LP on Jagjaguwar  a 2 track affair which has a couple of specially commissioned video's to accompany both of the 19 odd minute tracks. So far it's a  vinyl only album comprising all the trademark Oneida elements of drone/ noise/ kosmiche and free jazz in a frankly mind blowing/ head scratching single composition, it almost comprises a sort of psychedelic space opera, albeit without vocals or voice.

I gotta admit, this record had me baffled for the first few spins, but slowly, like a lotus flower opening, it's wonders slowly revealed themselves. A massive step up from the last part of the 'Thank Your Parents' trilogy 'Absolute II', which if I'm honest, was a massive impenetrable baffling disappointment for me.
'A List Of Burning Mountains' is probably more like the Oneida side project 'People Of The North' whose album 'Deep Tissue' never left my record deck for a month or two upon release.

Various artists were commissioned to do particular sections of the 'score'. I'm sure you'll agree it adds to the 'trip greatly.

If it's your kinda thing, buy the album here. for a fast a speedy service (amazingly mine turned up in just two days). Housed in a heavy weight card gate-fold, sleeve it's a beautiful thing to behold, and well worth owning.

Part 1

Part 2

People of the North - Over Me

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