Saturday, 3 November 2012

Out and About in 2012 - A Pictorial Memoir.

Not had a lot of time to keep up with the blog over the year, work and family stuff mainly, but here's a short record in pictures as to where I've been to over the year. More for me than anything, a pictorial memory prompt.

Summer Solstice Megalithic Odyssey On Angelsey 

Had a great couple of days camping out in Angelsey around the time of the Summer Solstice, something I'd been promising myself I'd do for years after completing a tomb type comparison for A Level Archaeology over 10 years ago. Had a wonderful time with beautiful weather and daylight up until 11pm at night.

Strange 'Breton' coach/head party at Bryn Celli Ddu, soaking up those vibes
Ty Croes campsite....all to my lonesome

Barclodiad Y Gawres from adjoining beach

Hut Circle up on Holyhead Mountain

Angelsey has a profusion of these lovely old CADW Signposts

As Above

Great Stone 'alignment' near Castell Bryn Gwyn Henge

Lligwy with it's 25 ton capstone...almost like the weight is causing it to sink into the underworld

Di Lligwy Romano British Settlement

Beautiful Headland entrance to Llanddwyn Island

South Stack, Holyhead

Early morning, Bryn Ccelli Ddu, minus Breton's

Sunlit Passage, Bryn Celli Ddu

View to Snowdon from Castell Bryn Gwyn

Lighthoouse keepers lodging, Llanddwyn Island

Cornwall August 2012

Had a lovely holiday with the family out on Bodmin Moor, though we travelled a fair bit cos' of bad weather. Saw some great sites, and as ever, I took myself off to look at, as my youngest says, Old Stones.

Buckfast, Butterfly Farm, Dartmoor

Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary

Buckfastleigh Steam Railway

River Dart

View from Merrivale, Dartmoor

Charlestown tall ships

Rough Tor, Bodmin

Rough Tor at Sunset

Rough Tor Stone Circle

Clapper Bridge, Bodmin Moor

Golitha Falls River - Bodmin

Trevithy Quoit Tomb

Caradon Mine, Bodmin... Echo and the Bunnymen's 'Ocean Rain'  LP cover was shot here

So that's how Iron Man got his powers!

Dinscott Tank Museum

Llangollen September 2012

Wife's Birthday 'outing' was to Llangollen. The A5 in this neck of the woods is one of the most glorious stretches of road, nestled between mountains and wooded slopes, it's a beautiful drive.

Bran and the Holy Grail

Llangollen Steam Railway

Trevor Rocks from Castell Dinas Bran

Wonderful old Hazel tree, must be over 100 years old

Brown and Titterstone Clee, Shropshire, October 2012

View East from Brown Clee

The 'strange' echoing woods of Brown Clee
Old Quarry workings, Titterstone Clee

Thunderbirds set...Titerstone Clee Radar Station

Man made landscapes - Titterstone Clee
Distant 'Inca' ruins of a prior civilisation
View Back to the 'Station'
Titterstone from afar

Purton Ghost Ships - River Severn -  June 2012

Came across a walk  for Purton Ghost Ships, a man made erosion embankment on the lower Severn in a walking mag' I picked up and just had to go. It's all now an SSSI, and as well as thhose evocative 'hulks', has a great wealth of wildlife and plants. Well worth a visit if your in the area.

Severn Valley Ghost Train - October 2012

My youngest was badgering for something different to do on Halloween, so we found a Ghost Train for her and a few of her pal's to go on. Was great fun, and she was double chuffed cos' of the 'Harry Potter' carriage we found for the journey. Hell, they even dressed up.

The Ghost Train

Various Times and Locations

Kinver Edge
Kinver Edge and Rock Houses

Home of the Trogledites
Niew from Broadway to Stanton and Buckland, Worcestershire
Toposcope on Fish Hill, near Broadway and Chipping Campden
The Plague Church, Worcestershire

Windblown Spiders Gossimeratop Earl's Hill, Shropshire

Poisonous looking mushroom, Clent Hills, Worcestershire
'Fairy Glade', off the beaten path at Clent

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  1. Your toadstool looks like an amethyst deceiver, not actually poisonous but makes me think of Coil every time I see one! The only place they seem to grow near me is right in front of a celtic shrine to Cocidius.

    Did you manage to get in to Barclodiad y Gawres? Anglesey is amazing for megalithic stuff, I think I need a return visit sometime soon myself.