Sunday, 10 November 2013

And Soon The Darkness

Cracking little thriller from 1970 that turned up on Horror channel the other night.

Basic premise is two English girls (Michelle Dotrice and Pamela Franklin) take a cycling holiday in France. After an encounter with an unknown male on a scooter, one of the girls decides to hook up with him further down the road. They get into a fight over the possible liason and one of them storms off and then disappears. The other is left flundering in a country where she doesn't speak the language, trying to get uncoperative police and locals to help out. The frustration is tangible, and whilst the outcome may come as no surprise, it's a tense journey to get there/ Highly recommended.

There was a U.S. remake in 2010, where the action is shifted to South America. Nt terrible, but lacks the tension of the original.

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