Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bout' Time I Got Back On The Hoss

Had a crappy year, hence not many post, but feeling better now, so lets get on with it.

Been some cracking music released this year, which I've buried myself in deeply, of which, more to come shortly.

Stumbled across this great band Death and Vanilla whilst perusing the in turns, vexing and fascinating 'out there' music club / collective that is The Outer Church.  (Website layout isn't all it could be, but it's worth a rummage, somegreat artist led mixes on their through mixcloud).

I'm guessing if you dig Broadcast , and you all know by the myriad of posts about them that I do muchly, then your sure to love this Swedish collective.

Felt obliged to download their entire output from Bandcamp, an EP, album and 7", all with great covers, especially the 7", which to these eyes looks like prime Julian House, or at least a great facsimilie.
Just put an order in for the beautiful red vinyl 7". Maaan, I 'm a sucker for coloured vinyl.

Also a lush video to 'From Above' from the 7".

Another great one from the self titled LP called 'Rituals'

Yet another wonderful track - 'Cul-De-Sac'

Mentioned the Outer Church at the beginning of this post, they have released a wonderful psychotronic album of artists who've played at their club at various venues around the UK called simply, The Outer Church, a 2CD menagerie or out there esoterica (word of the day that!)

Can't recommend this release enough, some fascinating left field 'occult' electronica from some previously 'unknown' to me artists. To my ears, many have drunk deeply of the well of occult esoterica and also worshipped at the alter of COIL in relation to their sounds, atmospheres and visuals. I hate to use the word Hauntology, but it's a perfect description of what's contained within.

Tracklist Here.

Strictly limited release, so dig deep and bag a bargain. Sure to be a future collectable along the lines of such hard to get esoteric greats as The Elephant Table Album  and 'An Afflicted Mans Musica Box' to name but two.

Also came across a great duo whilst on the Outer Church site called Occult Hand whose spooky, atmospheric rumblings on Illutrious Pairing have been perfect for these Halloweenesque windblown evenings of late.

Great video Here. If you enjoy the slightly unsettling.


  1. Hi thanks for the post. Have been looking over the Outer Church anthology for a while and this has given me another nudge to get it.

    I think hauntology is indeed the best word to describe this material and its aesthetic......

  2. Cheers for the comment. Re; The Outer Church CD, ip in, you won't be disappointed James. I must admit upon purchasing said disc I sat looking at it for quite some time before I dipped in, Summer didn't seem the right season for what's contained within, but it's been on my music player since I took the plunge. The music covers many bases from odd atmospheric field recordingy stuff to folk inflected electronics to drone to almost ambient house, most have a dark twist, and the sequencing couldn't be better to these ears. Some real curve balls too, plus there's a nice little poster and a great cover. Think it's on it's second imprint now, as the first sold out very quickly. Bag a bargain, most places selling it (Piccadilly records for one) have it for less than £11.50 plus P+P. Would be great if it was ever released on vinyl. Looking forward to the next one as well, if they take the plunge and follow through.