Monday, 11 November 2013

Psychic Teens - Come .... Mucho Diggage!

Stumbled over these babies whilst checking out reviews for the new Necks album Open.

Psychic Teens comprise three hombre's straight outta Philly, making a riteous, rawkus, post punk infected din, not a million miles from Sound Mirrors other current post punk fav's Pop.1280 Though  Psychic Teens seem to have less bombastic drumming, and a lilttle more grunting. Grrroooovy!

Come apperars to be the bands Sophomore, with Teen being their (as yet for me unheard) debut. Seemed to garnrer some favourable reviews around the web. You can pick up the CD containing not only Come, but their debut Teen from their Bandcamp ($10) or SRA Records page ($8), Superrbb Bargain!!

Anyhoo, you can stream a couple of tracks here.

But here's a brief sampler of their skuzzed out racket.

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