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Jhonn Balance - In Memorandum

In memorium, 13th November 2004

We are a few days past the anniversary of the death of Coil founder and prime agitator John Balance. It's hard to believe it's been nine years since his passing. Johnns final years were a troubled time for him, but I sincerely hope he has found the peace he so richly deserved, and that his beliefs in life have come to fruition.

As artists, I miss them very much, and I've yet to find anyone to fill the musical and mystical void they left in their wake. The music and mythology they created has been a great help and solace to me this year, which has for many personal reasons been a very difficult year.

I met and spoke to both Jhonn and Peter on several occations. They couldn't have been more accomadating in conversation when asked daft, geeky questions by a slightly awkward fan, and Johnns quick wit and humour quickly made me feel at ease. For all the buff and bluster that surrounded them, they were very genuine and likeable people.

In view of the anniversary, I thought I'd post a few Coil related bits and bobs as a virtual remembrance of these two extraordinary individuals.

Great overview of band to 2001 from Fortean Times

Review of gig supporting Foetus - first time I witnessed them live.

Jhonn reading the1983 Coil manifesto on Dutch radio 4 show in 2001.

Dutch Radio Interview with music from Coil, broadcast 2001

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Perhaps my favourite performance of theCSO  Live Box series, Coil - Live Thessalonika, Grecce, 10-05-2002. This performance finds Jhonn in quiet form, but definately channeling something. Some blistering electronics and truly unsettling shrieking during this performance make it one Coil's most rewarding. Outstanding.

CSO9 Thessalonika Live (self edited version)

Coil - final concert - Dublin City Hall 23rd October 2004

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