Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A few Old Broadcast gigs and Suicide Show.

Am still greatly saddened by the sad loss of Trish Keenan of Broadcast. Whilst rummaging around my CD shelves I came across a few live shows a that Charlie H sent me ways back. Thought as it's my first posting, I'd share em' with the wider world.

First concert is a great show recorded at Birmingham's 'Sanctuary' Club in December 2003.
It's pretty good quality and you can find it .... Here

 Second recording was a great gig from Vancouver on the 30th  October 2003 sent to me by a good friend from Canada. It's at a small venue called Richard's On Richard, Another with great sound. I've half an idea it was a radio broadcast, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Think this is available elsewhere on the web, but if not, you can get it Here

The final Broadcast post is a little know song called 'Misc' released on a freebie cassette tape from the NME in 1997 celebrating Oxford Sound City. I was disappointed when this didn't turn up on Future Crayon, but this recording is pretty good quality in  a Microtronics fashion. Get it Here

Finally, i turned out this mad concert by Suicide recorded at Camden Palace on 30th October 1986. It has some pretty intense sound, but Alan Vega seems in good spirits. Sound is very hissy as It's from a 15 year old cassette, but as their isn't much top end, i left it as is. Track listing may not be right, but hey, it's the sounds your after! Get it Here


  1. No problem, Your welcome! When i get the time I'm uploading another I've found from Birmingham Irish Center around 2000, think it was a Radio 1 Sound City thang that was aired at the same time as the gig i was at.

  2. Any chance of reuploads of the above Broadcast sets?