Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Weird Buys From Woolworths - Encyclopeadia Of Witchcraft & Demonology

From about 8 onwards, I became slightly obsessessed with all things Witchy & Supernatural. Amongst all the Mr Picwick records and Woolco odds and ends I spied this book which promised to answer all the questions that 'Dracula Lives, Children Of The Stones', 'Rentaghost', 'Monster Fun' and 'Scooby Do'  threw up in my tiny mind. I spent many a trip after school scouring It's pages till one Saturday I'd pooled enough pocket money and plucked up the courage to actually take it to the check out.
Needless to say, in 1977, the staff were having non of it.  So It became my 'raison D'etra' to obtain this item, and I vowed to my friends that I would have it!. On numerous occations I'd arrive at the counter bearing the book, often hidden under something less conspicuois, but the staff at my local Woolies turned me down time and time again, deeming it an unsuitable read for one at such and impressionable age. In the end, I bribed and cajolled my older sister into getting it for me, though I had to hide it from my Mom & Dad for years as I knew they wouldn't approve or understand my interest. To say I was chuffed as mustard to have it would be an understatement, and I became quite the 'Cause Celebre' amongst my pals for a while. The fact that some 32 years later I still own it is some indication that the book is actually worth keeping. Stuffed full of lavish illustrations, woodcuts and photos from all periods of witchcraft, and with a fairly informative text for such a 'general' account of the subject, it's something i still dip into from time to time. Most of the notorious witches and practitioners of the 70's are covered in the book , with Alex Sanders turning up more than most.
Fairly in depth accounts of Gerald Gardener, Aleister Crowley and all aspects of modern witchcrft are covered, as well as tools and practices, and a hefty 'gimoire' of demons and devils. All in all, it's a great read. And being slightly larger than A4, its a sizable book too. The AOS illustration used to freak me out a little back then though if I'm honest, as did the 'hand of glory'. Here's a few pics.

Cover Flysheet
Crowley Tarot 1
Crowley Tarot 2
Gerald Gardiner and Windmill Home
Witch Initiation In Graveyard - Cabbage Looking In Mufti!
Don't Mess With The Animals!
Austin Osman Spare Illustration

Back Flysheet - Alex Sanders & Initiates

Alex Sander Inner Flysheet - Tools Of The Trade

Leah Hirsig Illustration for Crowley, His Cane &  A Leah Hirsig Photo

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