Thursday, 24 March 2011

Two Coil Gigs, St Johns Church, Gdansk & Megalithithomania, Conway Hall.

Ploughing through my CD archive, I turned up these two interesting shows I hadn't played in some time.
When Coil started touring again back in 2000, there was a real buzz and expectation about their shows, as many of us thought we'd never see them live in then current lineup. From then till the death of John Balance in 2004, they played around 45 shows all around the globe and a network of us grew sharing and recording various live events, as then, they were unavailable officially. The quality for most of the shows was surprisingly good for audience recordings, and a dozen or more shows came to light in that time, from places as far apart as Russia and the U.S.A. with a large swathe of  Europe taken in too. One 'official' CD/Video was produced at the time of a show in NYC dated 18 Aug 2001. The tracks for this show were the same 'Persistence Is All' set they played at the Royal Festival Hall on 19 Sept 2000. A full list of live show are listed Here.
You can pick up an official  DVD  box set release of most of these shows, but it is very limited, and tre expensive and may already be sold out. Full details at Threshold House.


The first post is a great audience recording from Gdansk, Poland dated 25/10/2002. A friend from Belgium Hernando J kindly sent me this. The tracklist is the same for several other appearances from this period.
You can hear it Here.


This was a show I attended at Conway Hall dated 12 October 2002 as part of the 'Megalithomania' event.
Basically a day of talks about folklore, mythology and prehistory, it was a great day with the added buzz that Coil had recorded a special track for the event. You can hear it Here.
Drew Mullholland under the guise of 'Mount Vernon' Astral Temple' also played a wonderful show, with some amazing 'urban explorer' visuals of abandoned military sites and bunkers.
I picked up a great MVAL 'sigil' T-shirt at the time, with one of those great Cold War slogans on the back.
I particularly loved the sigil, as it looks like a simple graphical representation of 'Torquemada' from the comic 2000AD strip 'Nemesis'.


  1. I was supposed to go to the Conway Hall gig, but was about to move away from London and had no money to spare. How I regret it! Sounded like a fab day out. Thanks for the info, even though I've only just stumbled on this post.