Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Remix Broadcast Remix

Here's a couple of oddities in the Broadcast catalogue. One is, if I'm honest, a very lazy, Friday afternoon, take the money and run mix by Two Lone Swordsmen. Now, I do love Two Lone Swordsmen, 'Wilmot' and 'Theme' are two unsung classics, but this is basically the chorus 'Come On..' slowed down or reversed with the bass line popping up from time to time and a dodgy electro beat slathered over the rest. To me it seems next to no thought goes into the remix, and I'd be surprised if Broadcast were happy with the final product. Still, it was put out as a double A-side 12" with the much superior 'Drums On Fire, so what do I know!. You can listen Here.

The next is a remix of the Badly Drawn Boy single 'Another Pearl', this time by Broadcast.
I'll be honest, I don't like BDB and only bought this cos' of the Broadcast connection. On the whole, it's a better effort than Two Lone Swordsmen made on Come 'On Let's Go', but still not up their with material Broadcast produce for themselves. Anyhoo, in the great words of Lloyd Grossman "you Decide"

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