Thursday, 24 March 2011

Stonehenge - Where The Vikings Dwell.

I've collected lots of old maps and guide books over the years and found I have quite a few for Stonehenge. These go back to 1920 and I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you.

This is a wonderful book dating from before the Stonehenge reconstruction of 1958. Much of the information included is now dis-proven and vastly out of date, but what can you expect from a book first published in 1919.
I found a ticket stub for the day of visit in the middle pages. I like to think that amongst the turmoil and devastation of WWI, someone took a lazy summers day to ponder the bigger picture. Some beautifully simple hand drawn illustrations to in that 1920's style.

The next batch are some photos taken from the R.J.C. Atkinson book 'Stonehenge'. I think i read somewhere that during his lifetime he never officially published any of the excavation reports for Stonehenge or Silbury Hill to name just two, and after his death, a mountain of undigested information came to light from, of all places, under his bed. He was apparently quite a secretive and paranoid man in spite of his 'professor' like public image. I can't read this book without a voice of cut glass vowels ringing in my head.

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